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One Day Bus Trips

When you are looking for the perfect one day adventure, come travel with Eyre Tours. From the beach to the theatre, or a trip to the countryside, book your trip and show up... we take care of the rest. 

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Multi-Day Bus Trips

There is no better way to take a vacation than with Eyre Tours by Starr. With years of experience, Starr is bringing the most popular destinations to Eyre Tours. From Mackinac Island, to Nashville and Memphis, you'll be well taken care of the whole way along. We're looking forward to exploring the country togther, book a trip today and climb aboard!


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Fly & Cruise Trips

Coming Soon! Watch for wonderful cruises and fly vacations!   

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Not sure exactly which trip to start with? No problem. Browse the full list of trips and see what strikes your fancy. Stay tuned and check back often, as we're looking to add more trips for this year as travel opens up. Don't see something you like? Let us know - we're here to make your travel adventures come true.   

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